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West Coast Craft | San Francisco, CA | June 9-10


Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

West Coast Craft | San Francisco, CA | June 9-10



WKNDLA is a contemporary jewelry line that embraces empowerment through self-expression. Each piece is handmade in Los Angeles with quality, comfort, and sustainability in mind. Behind every collection is a love for art in all forms and inspiration that draws upon nature, movement, history, mythology, and everyday moments.

My approach to jewelry comes from a background in sculpture and animation. It is my intention to create pieces that serve as storytellers and conversation starters while evoking a unique point of view. My hope is that they give the wearer the confidence to tell their story, encouragement to form new connections, and a reminder that we’re better together.

Cindy Hsu Zell is the founder of WKNDLA. When she’s not making things in the studio she can be found hiking, eating Taco Bell, or watching The Bachelor with her husband and cat.

Find her here and here.

Jewelry that makes you feel good, does good

1) I am dedicated to providing customers with the best experience as well as products that will last. Materials are sourced with sustainability in mind, raw metals are manufactured in the U.S., and jewelry ships in 100% recycled/recyclable packaging. Every piece is made to order from start to finish in my studio in Los Angeles.

2) Enjoy free shipping and returns on all domestic orders, because I want you to be 100% happy with what you get.

3) A piece of jewelry is gifted to a randomly chosen newsletter subscriber every month, just my way of thanking you for following along!

4) I have implemented a round up for charity initiative on the cart page so you have the option of donating a few cents (always less than a dollar) during the checkout process as part of your order. The difference is donated directly to a non-profit every month and is completely optional. Find more information about the program here.