The Mythos Collection draws inspiration from these stories of classic Greek mythology that were written more than two thousand years ago to explain the nature of the world and the origins of the universe.

“Myths lead us back to a time when the world was young and people had a connection with the earth, with trees and seas and flowers and hills, unlike anything we ourselves can feel. When the stories were being shaped, little distinction had yet been made between the real and the unreal. The imagination was vividly alive and not checked by reason, so that anyone in the woods might see through the trees a fleeing nymph, or bending over a clear pool to drink, behold in the depths a naiad’s face.” –Edith Hamilton, Mythology

Featuring 6 new pieces made with 14k gold-filled and baroque cultured freshwater pearls. "The ancient Greeks believed pearls were formed from the tears of the gods."

Model: Kristen Orr

Styling Assistance: Ryan Meehan

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